Depending on your purchase price and whether it is your first property will determine this. For more info you can speak to one of us or follow the link:

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There is no definitive answer for this, depending on whether you are obtaining a mortgage and which searches need to be applied for, also if your transaction forms part of a larger chain. We will always try and give you an indication and keep you updated throughout the process.

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Prior to bidding for anything at Auction it is advisable to read through the legal pack relating to the property. We can do this for you as part of the purchase process. You need to ensure you have the funds to pay 10% deposit as the hammer goes down if you are successful in your auction bid. Then usually you would need to ensure that you have the funds in place to complete within 4 weeks. This can vary so be careful and ensure you read the pack.

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We would always advise that the terms of the partnership are written down as this will minimise the chances of any disputes further down the line. Using a solicitor to prepare a written partnership agreement will ensure that the agreement is comprehensive and addresses points which you may not otherwise anticipate. However, a written agreement is not a legal requirement and if there is no formal documentation the partnership will be governed by the partnership act.
Yes! This would be why it is important to consider this issue when drafting the business sale agreement as, if this is a concern, relevant restrictive covenants can be included in the agreement which will restrict the seller’s ability to do this.

Business tenants have a degree of security under the landlord and tenant act 1954. You should check whether the security of tenure provisions of the 1954 act were excluded when you entered into your lease as, if they were not, your landlord can only ask you to vacate in certain circumstances. You may be entitled to a renewal lease on similar terms.

Wills, Trust and Probate

Yes, marrying or changing your marital status in any way will affect your current will. You would need to come in and make the alterations, which would also need to be done if you have children.
Being an Executor of a will can be a big job and comes at an emotional time. We do not ask for proof that you have spoken to them, but strongly advise you to do so. We will discuss this further with you at our first meeting.
No, the value of the estate will determine if a Grant of Probate will need to be obtained.

Family Matters

We would always advise you to have an initial chat with a solicitor so that you know the legal position and then we can attribute it to your personal circumstances. Once you have the legal knowledge, practicalities can often be sorted out between yourselves.

The first port of call would be to contact a mediation service so that a mediator can hopefully sort out your differences. If you need assistance in finding a local mediator please do not hesitate to telephone the office.